When the excitement of Halloween ends!

I See You

So it November 3rd… now what?

As the Halloween costumes start to be packed away I start noticing Christmas paraphernalia being loaded onto shelves, soon the carols will start. i know i may start to sound like scrooge but lets be serious the propaganda is real.

Cant we wait till Dec. 1st to start the Christmas madness!?

November to me always feels like the transition month, the month I start focusing on who you want to be in the coming year. A good time to reflect on who I was over the past year. I start to enjoy the little things in life as it gets colder and look forward to cuddling up next to the fire at night, maybe add in some candle lit yoga.  Mentally prepping on how to take on the new year!

I guess with this blog I am opening the challenge to use your transition month wisely and try not to get caught up in the early propaganda and take November for you…

Everyone deserves some time to reflect and prepare. <3

Happy November 3rd!




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