The Todd Shapiro Show!

DSC_1022Last Wednesday I had the pleasure of going on the Todd Shapiro Show with the fabulous Carli Bei.  Radio is something I haven’t had a lot of experience in but each and every time I get the chance I jump, its so much FUN!


The company in the room helped! Its easy sitting around and chatting with people who are a super open and cool bunch. Carli and I got to discuss  our age, our home towns and of course getting NAKED with NAKED NEWS! We also got our yoga on. I feel like any visit isn’t complete without a headstand, So you know I did one! It was MAGIC <3…

So much magic needed more time so, I am very happy to say that miss Carli and I will be BACK again next week! We are going to be helping people master the disrobe :). You wont want to miss it! You can catch all the fun from last week archived on my Periscope or The Todd Shapiro archives.



To make sure you don’t miss us this week get on SiriusXM! Hope everyone is having an amazing week! Yayyyyyy its Friday <3… DSC_1025Ill see everyone tonight… getting Naked at the Movies on the program with NOTHING to hide!



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