SuperKick’d ProWrestling, UNdivided. (Nov. 7th 2015)

Ok so who knew live wrestling could be SO FUN! My most vivid memories of wrestling are when the boys on the playground at recess would “stunner” each other or girls they like. (I apologize now if that is not even the proper term). I also had a girlfriend in elementary school who was in love with wrestling. She would usually discuss it with the boys though because us chicks had other things to talk about, like Backstreet Boys. I was a lover not a fighter… I just couldn’t get into in.  Plus when I have ever seen real fights nothing pretty came out of them and I was always scared of hurting someone or having my face injured. Anyway, my point is that after going Saturday to Undivided I might just start paying at bit more attention to Pro Wrestling! I can see the attraction 100%. Music, wrestling and hot chicks… quite the night of entertainment if I do say so myself.DSC_1086I had the pleasure of meeting Dyan Bostic ( a.k.a Justin Bieber of pro wrestling). I actually find him a bit better looking Im not sure if that is because he is closer to my age or the fact that he has way more muscles. I’ll get back to you.  Lets not forget his partner in crime Ray Lyn (a.k.a Miley Cyrus of Pro Wrestling). Who i found to be a bit more reserved than Miley, and I’m not saying that in a bad way.  We had a lot in common and I could see why any woman would be scared of her in the ring, and any man happy to call her his woman! Not only were they super hot, but their wardrobe is wicked! I love that they always match, super cute. My super sexy duo was in the first match and they both ended up getting thrown out of the ring ( literally) during the intense action, but I can not deny they put on a great show and were a riot to talk to!


I also got to meet the CHAMP, Shane Saber. who might I add is Canadian even from the same province! Super humble guy to talk with I was amazed when he rocked out of his shell with complete organic passion for his art and kickass skills. I can see why he is STILL the champ, CONGRATS! Lets not forget how gorgeous this mans hair is, how could I not make a comment 🙂 Hair like that made ME jealous!
DSC_1094 Two members of All Black Everything also stopped by to chat. Jade Chung and Kingdom were HILARIOUS quite the entertaining duo! Jade reminded me of the bad ass chick from Kill Bill in the fight scene with Uma, sweet as pie to look at but in the ring quite the challenger! She doesn’t back down easy! How can you blame the confidence though with Father Kingdom( as he called him self) on your side! Kingdom defiantly made himself king of the show while in the ring and during this interview! I couldn’t help but laugh the whole time being around him, LOVED IT, THANK YOU!DSC_1097Last but far from least was KUSH 420. I don’t think I’ve had to wait so long to gather three boys to talk to a topless woman! But they were totally worth the wait!  They reminded me of guys I went to high school with, which for this reason I automatically felt a bond (lol). It made me feel like pro wrestling isn’t that far out of reach for people with drive and passion, and I could see why a lot of people would be able to relate to this team for that among other reasons…puff….puff. There is a real bond here! In addition their energy was beyond entertaining and they rocked the house that night!

DSC_1101Im adding in this picture of me and Stephen my camera guy to filling in for a pic that should be with my favorite furry guy, and that’s  a wrestler named Space Monkey! You will just have to tune into the segment to fill in the blanks! ( Totally worth it)… don’t make me tell you again how hot are theses chicks? the cute little package on my left is a girlfriend of one of the wrestlers and the blonde bombshell is someone you will hopefully be seeing for an audition! You’re welcome!  To conclude I said it already but ill say it again, live wrestling is soooooooooooooo freaking fun! The music kept me dancing all night and the people made me feel like i was part of the show! If you have never been, don’t say never because I promise if you get the chance to experience SUPERKICK’D you will not be disappointed!






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