How Time Flies….

600_440134630Sugar, honey, ice tea! where does the time go? i cant be alone on the high scale of trying to do too many things all in one day and procrastination of something you “can hold off on for a day” but your “day” turns into weeks! i know you understand what i’m saying, don’t make that face! hahah

Oh life! Let touch base about the past two weeks…

Since my fabulous night with the Suckerkick’d squad, I have been kicking around filming doing some photo-shoots, teaching some yoga, and i was super lucky to get on the air with SiriusXM three times! I LOVE RADIO its so fun lol

Lets focus on that 🙂


I had my First chat with gorgeous Porn Star Monique Alexander! she was super cool and we got to discuss 34 Crazy Places to have Sex at Least once. I couldn’t believe after reading the list i could mark off 24. (oops) to catch all the details you have to check the archives of VIVID 🙂 We had a great time!

Then Friday Carli Bei and I Were invited back to The Todd Shapiro Show to teach this beautiful lady how to read the news NAKED NEWS style! we obviously had a blast showing her how it was done… and let me tell you she stripped right down like a pro! We covered up those windows and just let lose! The energy in that studio was FIRE!

Last but far from least last Thursday i got to chat with my sister from another mister Samantha Phillips! She is a super woman power house love her! I brought the topic of Sperm facials to the table and you can only imagine what escalated from there. Who the heck knew that sperm was so beneficial for things other then procreation? Although I thought about the facial due to my own skin redness ( like i really put some thought in) I don’t foresee me testing it out anytime soon. Mentally i just can’t get past the reality. But i will never say, never.

Sperm Facials to Squirting… no i have never!!! As if it was revealed to the world! But I will say THANK YOU SAM for the insightful articles and discussion!  <3

I’m still on the mission, and don’t worry I will keep everyone posted if it ever happens… fingers crossed! lol


Well lovelies that sums up a bit of my past two weeks i promise not to be away so long next time. PINKY SWEAR!

BE safe, Get Ridiculous, and love your life <3….

ohhhhh and watch NAKED NEWS!

hugs kisses and everything delicious!




Ps you can catch any of the above in the archives for VIVID RADIO and THE TODD SHAPIRO SHOW


Photos done by Jim Hagen Photography


  1. Someone tells that Ennia, the mother of Caligula, she used to have those ” beauty treatments “… but I think that a mask of cucumber pulp is a little more pleasant….

  2. Madison, I am still pitching for you to do a nude yoga segment on a regular basis, at least once every two weeks. Teach us the different poses and instruct us on what poses are good for different areas of the body. NN probably will have to let it be join segment with Eila and you so as not to offend Eila. She is a wonderful physical instructor I use her band exercise segment for my own work out regularly. I am trying to do yoga as an additional exercise could really use your instruction. “Nude Yoga with Madison Banes ( & Eila Adams)” great segment title.
    Your fan Rick

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