Take in your Monday Breath!

rtJPEEIh38mVt3yvGyhaIAWWJ-NLtYTMVX-KE3X8_kUHappy Monday everyone!!!!!! I’m still figuring out if i want to leave my room today. You know these days you think you might be most productive if you just lock yourself in your room and turn off any distraction! Ya one of those days. I teach two classes this evening so I don’t have the whole day off but i may take advantage until 5 pm haha

I love days you get to forget the world and snuggle. Even if its with my cute furry friends. I love them.

I;m talking about my two babies Jade and Nova, not real babies, cat babies! Nova still has the cone on his head from the scratch on his neck. I can NOT wait to take it off so he likes me again. i don’t blame him i don\t think d like me either for forcing a cone around my neck

I’ve also been working on my meditation. % years and still working. Did you know 80% of us don’t breath to our full potential of breath? Every time i say that it still annoys me! Why don’t we teach people how to breath in school? or PRE school. Teaching things we actually need fr survival, now wouldn’t that be a first.  Our breath is our ability to heal our body internally and barely anyone knows how to do it. No wonder we are doomed. Kidding…. but am I?

How do you breath? I bet you never even thought about it. That’s ok , I bet nobody has even asked you to think about it and that’s where the problem lays. Did you know sleeping on your stomach is the worst sleeping position and highest restriction of air to the brain while you sleep? Your compressing your chest and tummy how can the air get in? just some food for thought.


let me give you a little recipe for better breathing….>>>>>>

*****honestly though,,, feel free to try this at home FOLKS…

take  the tip of your tongue to the roof of your mouth.

slightly separate your teeth…

relax your face and jaw…

and if you find it comfortable breath in and out evenly through your nose.  Try this for a 30 seconds to a min until you get the hang of it. and feel free to leave me comments on if this helped your breathing!!!!

Enjoy your MONDAY and get in some better breathing today!!!! <3


Hugs and kisses and everything delicious…

much love


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  1. Madison, I received your reply to my tweet and I really appreciated it. I really AM glad that you are on NN! I am a nudist in USA in NC and I live the nudist lifestyle. I wonder if you have ever given nudism a thought? It would compliment positively your yoga instructions, especially if you have nude yoga classes. Just thought I would leave this comment as food for thought. Would like to hear your thoughts on nudism for yourself and maybe doing nude yoga classes. Have a great day and get naked for yourself outside of your job on NN!

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