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I’ve been laying in my bed with every intention to start writing. Usually I find a movie on Netflix that I can put on in the background and do my thing. TWO movies later I am now even looking at my computer lol sorry. This weekend has been a whirlwind of fun. Today I banged out two yoga classes. If two classes is all I have going on that day it practically feels like a day off so I took advantage. Slept in , took my friend for a birthday lunch then to some Christmas shopping that turned into me shopping. I really need better self control around pretty things.

anywhoooo… The naked News Holiday Part was friday, and with out question was super awesome!IMG_3990 editHad some food, drinks, AIR HOCKEY and pin-ball.  it was hard not to have a good time and with the crazy team at NN the atmosphere is really an extra bonus. I couldnt have too late of a night though YOGA duties called at 9am Saturday morning.


I was a tad tired Saturday morning Miss Bei and I cancelled a shoot to get in a bit more recovery time (SORRY MAZ!) to be up to par with the one and only Jacqui Childs! IMG_4108 edit

the amount of spice in one room  was through the roof! Jacqui is probably one of the most fun people to be in a room with, next to being so super hot…and to top it off shes a smartie. Jacqui was in town this weekend and hosted Carli Bei and I at her hotel room for some holiday fun! You can catch the fun on Jacqui or Carli’s Periscope! We got some great pictures 🙂 My favorite was the candy necklaces, which i ate in the first 5mins. NOTE to photographers, if you don’t want me to eat props plz don’t make them edible.  Thank you so much to  Jacqui and her “Drew”! #relationshipgoals.

I spent #SundayFunday with Pawelec Photo. It was our first shoot and i’m really excited for the outcome. To meet a real person with a creative passion who can make you look good is a GEM. I’ve been BLESSED WITH GEMS lately!

You know your on the right track when your working hard enough to keep yourself motivated but not trying to hard that you screwing with the universes path… because the only thing i know for certain is, the universe has my back 🙂

Oh and lets not forget that my Naked in the Streets aired from when I spent the day at a Fitness Expo! So if your looking for any new moves for the gym, or you wanna look at some fabulous booty GET ON THAT WEBSITE and go take a gander… you  are already on the computer you don’t have to go far. lol

Let me know what you think…this relationship cant just be one sided ya know! (hehehe)

Hugs and Kiss…



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