With Christmas slowly approaching along comes the Christmas music seeping under our skin, and our nerves being tested that much further with the vulgar lines in every store. I had to jump on the bandwagon with Carli Bei to spread some love this Christmas season! Ever since I was a kid my mom has been organizing “Christmas Shoe-boxes” at my church. She sends over 500 boxes a year over to 3rd world countries to help children enjoy the season as we do! My mother has always really inspired me to never forget that even though you may live a certain way,5D3M6594<- Option 1that may not be the same standard for others, and to give is to receive. My mom is a huge GIFT giver, shes the cutest that way and I really admire her thoughtfulness. So when I heard Carli wanted to raise money to help the less fortunate on the streets of Toronto to have a warmer winter I was all in and I really hope you guys are in too!We have decided to sell Magnets, Polaroids and Posters. The proceeds will go towards purchasing hats, mittens, scarves maybe even jackets depending on how much money we raise, to those who need a little help staying warm this winter! WE haven’t decided if we will be visiting shelters or walking the streets on Christmas evening handing things out! I have attached 3 pictures to this post, and a Paypal button to make it easy for us to connect to make this happen! Please let me know which picture you would like sent to you via the purchas5D3M6529e details with whichever optionOption 2 ->

you decide 5D3M6331to go with!  I’ve also added a donate button in case you just wanna spread the love with no evidence other then warm fuzzy feelings. We will be keeping you guys posted through #periscope , #twitter and #Instagram with updates on how everything is going so you know how you have made a difference this year, along with getting some sexy Christmas decor! <3

^- Option 3

I cant wait to see the magic we share through this magical time of year! Please Please Share this with your everyone you know and spread the LOVE! xx

Lets not forget top show some love to Mark at Yammon Photography for theses magical photos <3 THANKS MARK! and make sure to stop by and check out Carli Bei’s holiday cheer as well <3 HUGS KISSES


Christmas Memories w/ Madison


  1. That is so great & generous of you, yet another reason why you are the BEST, unfortunately already spent my Christmas bonus, so ill have to wait till the next paycheck to help you guys out & get the “reward”?…

  2. Not too worried about having a picture sent all the way over here (UK) but I would like to donate to the cause, PayPal button directs only to main site. 🙁 I have just given to a charity of my choice. Update the post and I’ll try again

  3. I did the ALL 3 option…Nobody should be cold on Christmas (or anytime, for that matter)My income is limited, but this touched my heart…I challenge anybody reading this to do the ALL 3 OPTION as well !!!

  4. Unfortunately I have not the age at which I used to buy photos of beautiful girls undressed to hang them in the bedroom … LOL but I’d like the same give a contribute to this project. If I can make a small donation I’ll be happy.

  5. Madison I’ve been trying to help with your charity but after hitting the add to cart button sents me to the paypal site and then i got stuck, no idea what to do next…little help..

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