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5D3M6526Christmas is less the two weeks away. I LOVE Christmas I become such a child, I love all the food, the family and all the time everybody makes for each other! My cousin is coming home from B.C on the 24th, i havent seen her in a year!  I am the most excited to hug her! I’m the oldest on both sides of my family in the way of cousins, so i had to wait a few before they caught up and we could actually hang out.

I’m so super thankful for the amazing weather we have been having! I’ve decided to start taking public transit more often, whicc is surprisingly less stressful on the body and 5D3M6385mind. im sure others would disagree but, agree to disagree shall we. So the fact we haven’t had any snow yet is magical. Its motivating to walk places when i know I’m not to going to freeze my face off stepping outdoors. That i know we can all agree on.

Taking public transit is the most entertaining. you see things you never even imagined possible. When you seclude yourself in your car all the time you forget other people exist other then the ones you chose to interact with. Last night walking home from the show I went to I saw a guy urinating on the sidewalk facing the street, while on his cell phone. FACING THE STREET? Sorry sir but cant you be like every other man I know and use a building? I could help but laugh out loud the whole way home. I might have caught it out of the corner of my eye if i was driving but for surewould have thought my eyes were playing tricks on me hahahah due to the slowness of my pace there was no missing the strange choice of this individual. lol


Anyways I haven’t a clue how we went from seeing my cousin to a guy urinating on the street but hey my mind works in mysterious ways, i cant help it. AND…. A very MURRY Christmas is on and Mylie just showed up… I’m a bit confused but now quite distracted.


M. xx 5D3M6525


I’ll let you know how it turn out haha or you can just go an watch it on NETFLIX yourself, whatever works!

Ps. Dont Forget to Get your Christmas gifts from me and help Carli and i spread the love this Christmas Check out how on the Post CHRISTMAS CHARITY!


Photos done by Mark Wong

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