Phone slave.




IMG_4802Are you a perosn that constantly needs to check your phone? for whatever reason,


I hate that I am. ugh.

when i know i need to focus i have to put my phone out of reach lol. Or when I’m driving i usually have someone in the car who takes my phone. I can admit it i may have been known to use my phone while driving, but nobody can know for sure. That being said you can only imagine how frustrating that I’ve misplaced my phIMG_3934 editone. womp womp womp

Yup its been 5 whole days phone free… :s i feel like in social media land that’s cause to send out a search party so i thought id blog ๐Ÿ™‚ I keep thinking that i hear my phone ringing or i feel random things vibrate that clearly are not my phone. I wonder if the urban dictionary has come up with a name for this sickness I know I can not be the only one who has ever felt this sickness. lol

On the up side of misplacing your phone for a few days, you really get to focus on what is going on around you without distraction of Instagram and twitter. Although I haven’t been able to listen to music on the subway, that has defiantly been the hardest part. After surrendering to the fact you are a social media out cast for the next few days, you cant check the time constantly because your keep forgetting to put on a watch, and you cant map out any route unless your print off google maps. you may start to feel a sense of relief. Which i can say i was lucky enough and did feel this relief. I have nobody to answer to, nobody ca find me. In some sort of way I am free. ย Don’t get me wrong I ordered a new phone today lets not get drastic and crazy , but I will say its a big nice reminder of how to plant my feet <3

Sleep tight everyone xx

IMG_3924 edit


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