A little CAT and COW Saturday.


I woke up today like any other day, next to my princess Jade.  Yes I’m talking about one of my kitties. I know so many of you are with me in the cat craze. some of us have even shared kitty pictures via twitter. So CAT POSE it is (Marjari = Cat; Asana = Posture or Pose). To counter marjariasana i’ll also give direction for COW POSE (Bitilasa).

Marjariasa_TBG3214n – Cat Pose

Getting into the posture:

  • You will want to start on all fours in a table like position. Your knees should be under your hips lined up with your ankles. The top of your feet flat on the mat or ground, toes spread. You want to push down into the top of the feet and toes to ensure your knees do not hold all of your weight.
  • Your palms are placed flat down with your fingers spread and your wrists under your shoulders. Make sure the middle finger is point into the top of the mat making sure your arms are in alignment. Push your palms down into the mat as if you were pushing yourself away from the mat. You want activation in the arm muscles. Your arms are not just holding you up, they are active.
  • The focus of this pose is on the spine so once you have your arms and legs positioned lengthen through the spine. Pull your belly button into your spine which will support your lower back and hold the core strong. Feel as if someone was pulling your chest forward and your butt backwards lengthens your spine.                          THE POSES…
  • Inhale rounding your back. Keep pushing the palms down into the mat along with the feet, shins and toes. Let your head hang while the sit-bones and tail bone tuck in stretching the lower back.  Feel your breath move to  the back of the ribs, expanding the ribs. This gives room for the lungs to take in more air. The more you push down through the palms, shins and feet the more you open your back and give room through the spine for movement and circulation.
  • Exhale and allow your back to arch coming into COW POSE (bitilasana). Your chest raises to the sky as well as the sit-bones. Keep pushing into the palms, fingers, shins and feet. This is the base of your poses so it shouldn’t_TBG3215 change. You want your chest, throat and your hips to open.


  • Stimulates circulation in the spine.
  • Stretches the chest and torso.
  • Massages abdominal organs
  • Releases tension in the lower and upper back.
  • When your spine is less compressed you have more energy.

Ending comments…

Theses two poses go hand in hand and are a huge release after a long day of sitting or standing.  The best part? You don’t have to be a yoga guru to do either pose or feel the benefits. Both poses are beginner, and total gems! If you have never done yoga before let this be your first. Please, please let me know how it goes for you! Have fun playing!!

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Photos done by The Beastly Genius

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  1. I agree. The cat/cow pose is a total gem. It was one of the most appreciated poses I teached in my classes of postural stretching. I can’t wait for the next lesson….

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