But Whythef*ck Not?

This question i swear I’ve carried in my pocket as a child as a secret weapon. If I’m not hurting anyone or myself WTF NOT? i love my mom i really really really do. she does however carry some personal morals i do NOT share, and that’s_TBG3297 ok to me. For her That sh*t wont fly, i need to share in her morals, ALL OF THEM.
I’ve been at Naked News for a year now and I can truly say that this job has helped me be less judgmental, but its also helped me get past the WTF not? and just do it.

Think about all the things you haven’t done because you said no in your head or someone told you no. What if you would have asked WTF not? I bet you would have learned that there was no REAL reason for the no. lol. Don’t get crazy on me and start thinking all sorts of stupid crazy sh*t i did at the start say “IF IM NOT HURTING MYSELF OR ANYONE ELSE the WHY THE FUCK NOT” ­čÖé now that is out of the way. Lets start small. Sometimes I don’t like to wear underwear, but my mother wont go out with me in public unless i am in 3 layers or more below the waist (crazy i know)._TBG3300
Sometimes i like to dance on the subway as I travel, WTF NOT? but I would need two hands to count how many people I have embarrassed and then my friends ask me to stop. I ain’t hurting nobodyyyyyyyyy! ­čÖé If u cant take the jiggle remove your eyes from the┬ásituation! lol. Lets go even bigger. Sometimes I like to climb trees and/or do handstands in random places, WTF NOT? Do you know the joy you feel from spastic randomness! Well if you don’t then you should!
We are made to live how we feel, we are meant to be happy and free, and we are meant to push limits within ourselves and stay true to who we like, what we like, and how we like it.

I just wanted to get that off my chest, its the weekend and nobody should be second guessing being happy. So if you find yourself this weekend debating underwear or commando, just remember WTF NOT? throw


those bad boys on the floor and smile on! Rant over!







Photos by The Beastly Genius

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  1. ok yeah i got nothing…. no wait….
    i really don’t know you but all those things you do seem fine to me & if you r happy then yeah WTFNOT?
    have an amazing weekend

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