I am happy to say that I have really found myself connecting to my own body and surroundings more than ever. Maybe it’s my age kicking in however, I find myself looking inside for answers instead of asking others and I find myself less consumed with comparing.

Mountain Pose or TANDASANA is standing pose that connects the whole body to body, the earth and the universe. It is a pose that engages the whole body by activating the energy in the body down through the feet bouncing back up through the spine, out up through the crown of the head. It’s a fabulous pose you can vary and do anywhere, whenever you need a bit of grounding from within. Also a good way to ground in the moment. For example, right before a performance or anything that makes you nervous. I use it all the time. it’s my secret weapon. lol…

How to get into the pose:

  • Bring your toes together and heels apart. Be aware of your knees. You want your knees to point the same way your toes do, so if your knees turn in with your toes together, allow some separation in the feet until the knees point over the toes.
  • Raise your toes off the ground and re-grip the ground with the toes spread as much as possible. You want your weight to evenly spread over the soles of the feet to the tips of the toes. Lifting through the arches of the feet.
  • Have the knees soft, be careful to not hyper-extend the knees. You will also find you can connect the feet to the earth better with soft knees.
  • Moving up from the knees, the upper thighs should roate outward allowing room for the hips to press forward. Keeping the hips from pressing too far forward are the hamstrings.
  • Allow for your hamstrings to activate forward and downward keeping the hips over the ankles.
  • Your belly button pulls into the spine and upwards towards the ribs, locking the core in place and protecting the lower back.
  • Shoulders roll down your back, opening your chest having the palms open, and energy reaching all the way down to the tips of the fingers.
  • Lift through the chest but be mindful your ribs do not pop forward.
  • Feel the spine lengthen to the sky as you try to connect the crown of your head to the ceiling.
    (modification: bringing your palms together as shown in the photos)
  • You’ll want to breath here for at least 10 breaths.

Benefits of the pose:

  • Improves your posture.
  • Strengthens the whole body while in alignment.
  • Gives relief from sciatica.
  • Reduces flat feet.


Don’t you want to feel grounded? Have fun playing!



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