Tree Pose

Finding balance in our lives is sometimes the hardest thing to do. There is just SO much stuff with; work, family, friends, hobbies, and what if you have children on top of that? Oh! And who can forget relationships?! Who has the time for all DSC_0298 (1)of these things? Just listening to them all is a workout AND a half, lol.

Finding balance in yoga isn’t always easy at first, just like life. However the payoffs are just as sweet as that peace you feel, when you finally do find that balance in your life.  So today, I have chosen, “Tree Pose”(Vrksanna). The best advice I can give to anyone before going too deep with any balancing pose, is to remember when balancing, it’s just simply standing on one foot, regardless of the pose your body is open for. Don’t be quick to judge your balancing poses on, “how high” your other leg raises.

Getting into the Pose:

  • Line the outside of your left foot with your mat. Slightly bend your left knee and press your hips forward. Find something in front of you that is not going to move, thus allowing you to focus. You want the full soul of the grounded foot, connected to the floor. If it helps, lift your toes and grip the mat to  help ensure stability/connection. Inhale your belly button into your spine and lock it up towards your ribs. This will help keep your core strong.
  • Keep the chest lifted and the crown of the head reaching to the sky. Think about growing as tall as you can through the spine.
  • Feel free to place your right foot either in a demi-point, cupping your right arch around your left ankle. Or by placing your right foot on the inside of the calf or thigh.
  • Ensure that your right toes point to the ground and that your foot does not wrap around the left leg.
  • You also want to make sure your right foot presses into the left leg, (where ever that may be), keeping the right foot off the knee.
  • You want to feel your energy pressing down into the earth, through the grounded foot. The lifted foot is helping stabilize with the inward force.
  • Think of your upper body separately from the lower body. The separation is in the hips, and the hips should stay even/squared to the front of your mat.
  • The shoulder blades press together and the shoulders should sit stacked above the hips.
  • Once in your, “Tree Pose” feel free to bring the palms together at the chest, raise them in the air, or sit them on yourwaste.
  • Take anywhere from 3 to 10 breathes in the pose before repeating it on the other side.


  • Strengthens legs from the ankle to hip.
  • Stretches out inner thighs and calves
  • Improves balance
  • Relieves flat feet
  • Relieves sciatica




In conclusion, go slow and go easy when playing with your ego, and have fun with it gosh darn’it! LOL. Finding balance can take time, but I promise the benefits are worth it, both mentally and physically. Also don’t forget to give me your feedback on how your practice is going!


Sending My LOVE XX




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