All About Madison

DSC_9290 Finally a place I can let out what I’m really thinking! Hello to Everyone who take the time to stop by page!


So you want to learn a little bit about me, lets get to it then.

I grew up in a town about 15mins outside the big city of Toronto.  As a child I loved to dance, sing and play sports. I am still super active as an adult but have since let the singing to the professionals. My deepest love now is Yoga when it goes to physical activity and I have been teaching yoga since 2012. Ive always known i wanted to make a postive mark on this planet during my time here and i truely believe i’ve found that through my pracice and teaching.


I got double blessed as an anchor on Naked NEWS! I auditioned for Naked News in Febuary of 2015, only because my super magical fairy of a friend Eila Adams asked me.  I was sooooooooooo NERVOUS, but I had always been intrested in Eila job at Naked News, and she was a total pro. It was my first time naked on camera, and the fact it felt so natural I prayed they would call me back! When I recieved the email I was wanted back, I almost passed out from excitement. Even though my family is a conservative bunch, I couldnt wait to tell them .

After my call back I was a guest on the program until May when my last name was revealed… and miss Madison Banes became Naked News Movie Anchor 🙂


Since May my life has been a total dream! Working at Naked News and being able to still teach and practice Yoga has kept me balanced and full of life! I am so thrilled to share my adventures and thoughts with everyone!

Stay Tuned!



  1. I never gonna get tired of learning about you, ever since you came to the program i can’t wait to see you in it , i think you know at this point that you are my favorite ________ (you can fill the blank here), person, anchor, model or everything & more…yeah EVERYTHING & MORE feels right.
    Forever yours ��❤��
    btw love the new site, sugestion instead of just 3 stars under your name it should be an entire galaxy , but hey that just me…I’m a little biased when it comes to you

      1. Hi Madison, why you no longer update the site? 🙁 I’m waiting for new yoga lessons, but it seems you are so busy…. besides, I’ve send a message on Twitter, please check your mailbox.

  2. Hey Madison, well besides the obvious( your smoking hot body) , you have such an incredible smile and bubbly personality. I really enjoy seeing you on nn. Would love too meet you one day!

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